Dropshipping Gift Supplier

Dropshipping UK Supplier Of Gifts

Wear We Met is a UK personalised gift supplier offering modern and contemporary gifts both in the United Kingdom and globally. Essentially we are a wholesale supplier of personalised gifts.

Handwriting engraving is our specialty & is what makes us unique.

By partnering with us as your personalised gift dropship supplier, you can list our amazing items and take no risk by holding or managing inventory. We engrave and dispatch all gifts within one business day.

* Until you are approved as a supplier with us, the prices shown on the website are retail prices. Upon approval, you will receive login access that will provide you with wholesale pricing *

So how does a dropship gift service work?

  1. Choose the items from our website that you would like to sell.
  2. List the items on your website or preferred platform.
  3. When you receive an order from your customer, simply pass the details of the order onto us. You will pay a much-reduced price for the wholesale order.
  4. We will engrave the gift, provide a quality inspection and dispatch the order direct to your customer.

The price shown on the website is the Recommended Retail Price. You will receive wholesale prices once accepted as a partner.

All items are sent without our branding or marketing material. It is a white label drop shipping service.

Our friendly team will assist you with any product queries or questions that your customer may have. Our in-house photographer is always adding new incredible photos that help the products sell fast.

We have many years’ experience in the gift industry and are adding new products all the time. Often products will be tested in all markets before we release a new gift so you can be rest assured our gifts are top sellers.

Wear We Met will go out of our way to ensure all your customers are 100% happy as we know how important this is to you. All items have to pass a quality inspection before being shipped.

By drop shipping gifts, you can maximise your internet presence, items listed and revenue with no upfront costs or risk.

All products are sent without our branding and without any marketing material. The customer will essentially think the order was dispatched by yourself.

Click Here to apply for an account today. 

Click Here to apply for an account today.